Services We Provide:
We provide all phases of interior and exterior tile and stone installations for residential
and commercial applications including new construction, remodels, and tenant
We have established relationships with the finest distributors and designers in the
business. We offer design and consultation services.
We specialize in Custom Mortar Work. Mortar Bed installations produce the finest tile

  •        Complete and Reasonably Accurate Project Bidding and
  •        Material Purchase and Labor Installation
  •        Acknowledgeable Supervision and Project Management
  •        First Class Quality of Work
  •        Safe Workmanship
  •        Licensed, Insured, and Bonded
  •        Warranty and Guarantee of Products and
              installation after completion
Our services include the following:
  •       Stone Tile Installation
  •       Ceramic Tile Installation
  •       Marble Tile Installation
  •       Mosaic Tile Installation
  •       Porcelain Tile Installation
  •       Terracotta Tile Installation
  •       Quarry Tile Installation
  •       Shot Blasting Surface  Preparation
  •       Waterproofing Tile
  •       SAM - sound abatement mat
  •       ECB "Anti-Fracture" Membrane
  •       Application of Sealants
  •       CTC Expansion Joints
Areas of Specialty:     
• Baths
• Kitchens
• Floors
• Showers
• Fireplaces
• Backsplashes
• Decks
• Patios
• Walk Ways
• Demolition
Tiles of Specialty:
• Porcelain
• G
• Granite & Exotic Stone
• Limestone
• Marble
• Travertine
• Mosaics
• Quarry
• Terracotta
• Mexican Pavers
• Glass Tile
Our reputation is one of our principal assets and we are
focused on maintaining these high standards by:
  •  Using only quality materials
  •  Performing the highest quality installation
  •  Completing projects on time
  •  Pricing our services competitively
Special Services Offered:
  • Shower Pans
  • Polishing
  • Waterproof Membranes
  • Anti-Fracture Membranes
  • Specialist Design Work

  •   Heated Tiles - great for bathroom  floor, pool, sauna
  •   Subfloor Applications and Repair•       
  •   Epoxy Glow-in- the Dark Grout
  •   Fabrication
  •   Glass Block
  •   Tile Showers and Custom Handicap Showers
  •   Tub and Jacuzzi Surrounds
  •   Custom Built Roman Tubs
  •   Bathroom and Kitchen Counter Tops
  •   Custom Design and Handmade Mosaics
  •   Stone Tile Sealers
  •   Grout Coloring System
  •   Custom Design Layout Patterns
 In order to successfully install tile that will look great and last for years to come, quality setting products must be used, and used properly.  
 That is why I use only the highest quality products that have been around for years so they have proven themselves in the test of time.  
 I use only the best setting and backing materials to give your area the strength it will need. I offer various options for benches, shelves and countertops
as well as specializing in waterproofing situations.

   Products we offer:
  • Thin-Set, Epoxy, Mastic, and other setting materials
  • Denseshield Tile Backer Boards
  • Waterproofing Systems
  • Bench and Shelf Systems
  • Custom Built-In Bench and Shelf Options
  • Selection of Grout Colors
  • Floor Edging Systems
  • Marble Thresholds